Concours Les Belles Pointures

The festivities for the commemoration of the birth of the blog continue (pompous formulas and everything!)
You know Les Belles Sizes ! You know I had a huge crush on this site in 2011 well imagine that the thunderbolt is reciprocal because Caroline Belles Sizes designated me as ” good floor blogger ” is a topic that Pays tribute (another pompous formula) to a particular blogger!
This section allowed me to share my selection of shoes from the site!These choices fit me perfectly: color everywhere! It is so rare when you go beyond the 41!
For our anniversary, Les Belles Sizes offers a pair of shoes of her choice of a maximum value of 120 € to a reader of the blog! Youhou !!
To participate :
– Visit Les Belles Sizes , select your favorite pair;
– Leave a comment here with the link of your preferred model and a valid email address to contact you.
To increase your chances of success on Facebook :
– In addition to your 1st participation;
– Become a fan of the Beautiful Sizes and Vanuas on Facebook;