Mary Melody: surprise

I received an invitation in the last few weeks to discover the new collection of Mary Melody , and I wondered what I will do there.

I went anyway, without much conviction because knitting, cashmere all this is not my thing.

I think the main reason is that I grew up in the sun. Never below 25 degrees all my life and I know that winter since September 2001. My grandmother never told knitted wool cap! Suffice to say that I do not know nothing. Especially as I walk in the visual regarding the clothes, even the ones I bought online and sincerely Mary Melody site did not give me any desire the last time I went. I thought it was outdated, heavy and aesthetically not highlighted and with the price, I’m not telling you my total disinterest.


I was touched that notwithstanding the brand thought of me for their presentation. I went all perky! And what was not my surprise!


A complete overhaul of the site took place. The products are the same. The collection still consists essentially of units produced with noble materials such as cashmere, silk, wool, cottons, linen, blends silk / cotton but I do not know, there is something different and younger, fresher, more fun especially in the presentation.


It is true that it is very classic but are basic to accessorize for several years. The finishes are superb, the sweetness of some parts surprised me. Remember that it was a first for me. 
I offer you some pictures from the current collection, including my favorite pieces. I assure you I have not quite appreciated: the capes for example is no way for me.
For information: Marie Melody clothes us from 34 to 58 between 80 and 200 €. 
The prices are the same regardless of our size. 
shipping costs are € 10 per DHL (from Belgium) and free above 70 € purchase. 
The brand is also available in store. The list is available on the website.