Ticket trend: the Color Block

 The principle? Boost its closets with energy and vitamin content colors. 
For spring-summer 2011, the ultra colorful is a must! I propose today a look very “trendy blogger who believes it.”
 I have respected any code. I wanted to wear my yellow jacket unearthed in the famous New York thrift: Re / Dress and skirt my skater Call Me Ponie very soft. 
So I started to get dressed quietly taking items that had nothing to do with each other with a dress to wear under the skirt and here is the result! 
What do you think? Colors associate like that casually to greet the sun, anyone? 
Let’s talk about this season trend: Color Block! 
Basically, it’s when you wear different colors to give some energy to your look and wardrobe. 
Well! Here I am with an example! 
I really wanted to wear this yellow jacket I got from Re/Dress NYC and this amazing skirt from Call Me Ponie. 
So I started mixing and matching colors and ended completely in the Color Block trend! 
So? What do you think? Have you started blocking colors to greet the sun? 
Version Vintage…
Robe/Dress Torrid
Jupe / Skirt Call Me Pony
Veste/Jacket Old Navy at Re/Dress NYC
Pouch / Clutch Asos
Ballerinas / Pumps Lane Bryant
Belt / Belt Dorothy Perkins
Bracelets Torrid/Lane Bryant
Earrings / Earrings courtesy of Ameyo Stylez
Good week! Have a nice weekend! 
Update: With this look, I participate in the Color Block Contest Latest Fashion ! 

Understanding Various Cosmetic Dental Procedures

White sparkling teeth add up to a beautiful smile. Stained or crooked teeth lower the self-esteem of individuals. However, do not panic because you can go through dental procedures to enhance your personality and boost your confidence. Additionally, however much you take care of your teeth, you cannot prevent loss of teeth, cracked or chipped teeth due to various reasons. You can to get a restorative dental procedure to restore cracked, missing or chipped teeth.


Cosmetic dental procedures

Teeth whitening procedures entail a routine that uses a laser, and it takes about an hour. The method gets rid of stains. Note that brushing your teeth every day does not necessarily mean that they will never be discolored. Thus, going for a teeth whitening procedure will restore your discolored teeth.


Dental veneers procedure takes care of teeth that do not become white even after a teeth whitening procedure. If teeth whitening treatment procedures do not work then, dentists opt for dental veneers. Dentists place tooth veneers on your natural teeth to give them a brighter overall look. Porcelain veneers are durable and stronger than other treatments, so they last for a long time.


Gum surgery is another procedure that gives a healthy smile to patients. Some people have larger gums, which makes them nervous. A cosmetic surgeon will carry out a gum surgery and other cosmetic dental procedures.


Dental bridge procedure entails fixing a space in a patient’s mouth using a bridge. The space in your mouth could be a result of missing teeth or a way of pulling to take care of the health of your teeth. A dental bridge allows an individual to chew food as if he or she still has teeth. Dental bridge does not have to be removed like partial dentures. People feel comfortable wearing dental bridge, and it provides instant results.


Dental bonding is a procedure that enhances your smile. Dental bonding will help you if you have a gap in your teeth or spots on your teeth since the procedure bonds the teeth. A dentist places a thick layer of material in front of your teeth. After that, the dentist shows up a laser beam to the mouth to help harden the substance that creates a bond that will last for a long time.


Fear of dentists

Most people have dental anxiety, and that explains why they do not go for dental visits at least twice each year. If you fail to visit your dentist regularly, you can be sure you will not keep your teeth clean and healthy. If you have dental anxiety, then you will eventually visit your dentist when it is mandatory as a result of a dental problem that will require intervention. Not all dentists will cause a bad experience. To trust your dentist, the environment of the clinic should be friendly. Most importantly, patients with fear should talk to their dentists about the anxiety and some of your past bad experiences. Sometimes sedation treatment comes in handy.


Understanding the current condition of your dental health is essential in knowing the treatment procedure. Consult your dentist to come up with the right method based on your condition to get your smile back.